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Cultural Arts Center

About the Center

The mission of the Greenfield Cultural Arts Center is to unify the community through the arts. Greenfield is a community of great cultural richness and diversity. For over a decade, local residents have yearned for a dedicated place to teach and create art that reflects the talents and artistic interests of the community; an “art center” that provides opportunities for youth to build their leadership, support their academic success and realize their potential through the arts.

With programs that educate and inspire creativity and imagination, the Center appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds to broaden and deepen their appreciation of the arts and to improve the quality of life of their community through artistic expression. The Greenfield Cultural Arts Center is operated as a program of First Night Monterey (FNM), with organizational development and capacity building support provided by the Arts Council for Monterey County (ACMC). Staff members employees of FNM and all fiduciary responsibility lie with the Board Directors of FNM, with supervision and administrative management provided by FNM’s Executive Director.

Advisory Council

A Community Advisory Council represents residents and brings leadership to the Center. This body is the seed of what will later become the board of an independent nonprofit organization. The key role of the Advisory Council is to provide community-based leadership and support to the Center and be a champion of the arts in the Greenfield community.

Fee Structure

Priority is given to community organizations that provide educational opportunities in the arts to local residents. Organizations providing these opportunities will be assessed fees based on the value of their services and contribution to the overall community, as follows:
  • Organizations open to the public and providing services at no cost to at least 10 participants weekly, for at least 2 hours per week, and who make a 6-months commitment to providing that service, will not be charged a use fee. The organization must provide a program schedule for at least 6 months to the Center. Failure to hold classes or activities as described in the Facilities Use Agreement in 2 consecutive scheduled occasions may result in the cancellation of the Agreement.
  • Organizations providing fee-based services will be assessed a $25 an hour facility use fee.
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