What does the Police Department do to accommodate people who do not speak English?
The Police Department has a policy regarding limited English proficiency. This policy includes surveying the needs of our local community. Approximately 90% of the residents of our city our Hispanic. Spanish is spoken by the majority of residents. We also have a portion of the community who are Indigenous Mexicans, who speak local dialects from the State of Oaxaca. This includes Trique, Mixteco Baja, Mixteco Central, and Zapotecas.

We have volunteer translators for the Indigenous languages. The personnel assigned to the front desk are bi-lingual in Spanish and English. We have also established minimum proficiency in Spanish for all Police Officers. The officers who do not speak Spanish are issued training material for basic Spanish Skills.

We have extensive information in English and Spanish available at the front desk, to include Citizen Complaint Forms in English and Spanish. The department is also committed to hiring personnel who are bi-lingual and bi-cultural, to better represent the members of our community.

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