Burn Permit


  1. Conditions

    1. This Permit is valid for one year from the date of issue. 

    2. Burning will be allowed only on days that are declared “permissive burn day”, by the Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District. Call 1-800-225-2876 for burn status, you are located in the INLAND zone. 

    3. Only vegetation free of visible moisture (dried grass, dry tree trimmings, dry weeds, etc.) that is from the property listed above as the” burn site location” may be burned. 

    4. No paper, scrap lumber, plastics, tires, or other trash may be burned. 

    5. Burning may not begin before 7:00 am and must end before 1:00pm.

     6. A responsible person shall be in attendance of any burning materials at all times. 

    7. Permitted must call the Fire Station at 674-5484 and the Monterey Bay Air Resource District at 647-9411 prior to ignition of the burn pile to ensure burning is permitted. 

    8. The Greenfield Fire Protection District reserves the right to void this permit, and halt all burning activities as deemed necessary by District Personnel. 

    9. The permitted is responsible for complying with all county, state, and federal agricultural environmental regulations and requirements. 

    By signing this permit, the permitted agrees to abide by the conditions set forth above. Further the permitted agrees to accept all liability and responsibility for any damages that may result from his/her agricultural burn. 

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