Bags Full of Science

Program Description

Bags Full of Science is Greenfield CSW’s response to our  "shelter-in-place" reality brought about by COVID-19. Through this program, we intend to continue to offer Greenfield and South Monterey County youth access to genuine science learning experiences.

Decades of research make it very clear that if students are not engaged in learning over an extended period of time, they fall behind in their learning. COVID-19 will have a multitude of negative effects on our community, but hidden among them is the education of our youth -- when the pandemic is behind us and students go back to school, they will go back further behind than they were when schools were closed earlier this month. Bags Full of Science will reduce student learning loss during the pandemic, and it will offer entire families the opportunity to learn and do science together.

A Bag Full of Science is a science kit that contains everything a student and their family need in order to build a project or carry out a science activity. The bag also includes detailed project instructions in both English and Spanish. Additionally, for each Bag Full of Science that we make, we are making and publishing a bilingual Youtube video explaining how to build the project, as well as the science behind the project.

The Bags Full of Science will be handed out by school staff across all districts -- school staff running nutritional programs have been deemed "essential" and will be working throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Making the Bags Full of Science part of the already existing nutritional school programs makes bag delivery efficient, easy, safe.


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