Meet the Greenfield Community Science Workshop Staff

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" -Hellen Keller


José S. Sánchez

Greenfield CSW Director 


Curt Gabrielson, Greenfield CSW Co-Director  


    Claudia Limosnero, Greenfield                         CSW Technician


Omar Vigil, Greenfield CSW Technician

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Mónica Aguilar, Greenfield CSW Technician


Elizabeth Acevedo, Greenfield CSW Student Assistant


Alberto José Chacon, Greenfield CSW Student Assistant 


Omar Perez, Greenfield CSW Student Instructor


Sabrina Silva, Greenfield CSW Student Instructor


Maria Guadalupe Estrada, Greenfield CSW Student Assistant


Julian Rodriguez, Greenfield CSW Student Assistant


Maymona Naji, Greenfield CSW Student Assistant

José Salomón Sánchez was born in Guanajuato, México to a family of farmers and small business owners. Salomón grew up in a large Catholic household, where he helped out with the family business and enjoyed a free-range childhood a la Huckleberry Finn. José and his family migrated to the United States when he was 14 years old, ultimately settling in Monterey County, where his grandparents had worked as Braceros in the 1960's and his father and uncles as seasonal agricultural workers in the 1980's.

José went on to study at the University of California at Berkeley (Roll on, you Golden Bears!) where he obtained degrees in Mathematics, Spanish Linguistics, and Education. Shortly after his graduation, he founded the Greenfield Community Science Workshop (Greenfield CSW) in 2011, though everything he knows about CSW's he learned at the Watsonville Environmental Science Workshop.  To José, the defining characteristics of a CSW are a) their commitment to social justice -- CSWs are located in underprivileged neighborhoods, b) their genuine connection to the community and their tolerance, understanding and respect for children and their families, as well and their cultures and ways of being, c) their unstructured approach to learning, and d) their accessibility -- CSWs welcomes everyone, regardless of income, academic achievement, career goals, etc. 

When not at the Greenfield CSW, José enjoys watching, playing, and talking sports, as well as running, hiking, kayak fishing, and coffee...lots of coffee. One of Jose's greatest pleasures is singing with a live Mexican Banda or Mariachi. 

Curt Gabrielson has 25 years of experience teaching science and mathematics with interesting hands-on techniques that involve simple materials and experiences from everyday life.  He has a degree in physics from MIT and is an adjunct faculty at the Exploratorium Teacher Institute in San Francisco California.  Curt has written 5 English books with science and mathematics activities for students and teachers.  He has taught in California, Mexico, India, China and Timor-Leste, always making a close connection between the local culture and the principals of science and mathematics.

Curt was founding director of the Watsonville Environmental Science Workshop for 11 years before he relocated with his family to Timor-Leste, a developing nation in Southeast Asia.  There he worked with the Ministry of Education on national curriculum development and teacher training, and assisted the national university to open a physics department.  In 2019 he returned with his family to central California and began working with the Greenfield Community Science Workshop. He focuses on presenting school-day field trips by classes to the Workshop and professional development with local teachers.

In his spare time he enjoys hiking, climbing and making music.

Claudia Limosnero is our GCSW Mobile Program Technician. She was born in Texas but fell in love with California and as a result has been living here for most of her life. She is from San Ardo and is proudly a mother of three. Claudia is the lead technician for the Mobile Program, that visits and provides hands-on science to the surrounding communities of Soledad, King City, San Ardo, and San Lucas. She loves working with kids and providing a space where they can be creative and use their hands. Claudia aspires to one day become an alternative education teacher to non-traditional students to help them attain a HS diploma and give them a chance to better life opportunities.  Claudia is a beginner in surfing, is fascinated by bioluminescent waves and loves motorcycles!

Omar Vigil is a GCSW Technician. He is originally from Mexico City and resides in Watsonville. Omar graduated from California State University, Monterey Bay (Go Otters!). During the week, Omar works as a Housing Coordinator for Housing Choices, an non-profit organization that aims to assist all people especially those with disabilities to attain access to affordable housing. On Saturdays, Omar manages the Science Workshop’s drop-in program and helps orchestrate field trips with the youth. If you are looking for a great place to workout make sure you ask Omar on your next visit to the Science Workshop. He is an extreme gym junkie, film enthusiast and enjoys riding his motorcycle or working on his cars during his spare time.  

Mónica Aguilar is a GCSW Technician. She is a proud daughter of immigrants, self-identified Xicana and resident of Greenfield.  Mónica recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (#onceaBRUINalwaysaBRUIN!). Mónica is the lead technician for the Science Workshop's After School Science, Technology and Engineering program.  She conducts hands-on science activities and science concepts with the students of Greenfield Unified School District's four elementary schools. She has worked with the youth of low-income communities throughout her entire collegiate career and hopes to continue impacting their lives by introducing them to topics that have historically been dismissed to them. Through the privilege of having access to higher education she hopes to positively contribute as much to the issues affecting the wellbeing of Latinx populations. Mónica plans on continuing her education in the near future by pursuing a Masters in Public Health. She enjoys working out, learning about different cultures, trying new foods, taking pictures of her baby nephew and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Elizabeth Acevedo is a GCSW Student Assistant attending Greenfield High School. Elizabeth has lived in Greenfield all of her life. She plans to pursue a career in computer science after graduating high school (woo class of 2020!). She is part of the After School Science, Technology, and Engineering program as well as the drop-in program. She is very passionate about her job as it allows her to learn from students as much as they learn from her. Elizabeth is very grateful for the existence of the science workshop as she has seen how much of an impact science can do in the life of a kid.  Aside from liking math and science, Elizabeth is a very physically active individual who enjoys bike rides, working out and spending quality time with those she cares about most.

Alberto Jose Chacon, also known as Chacon (Fabian's little brother, if you did not yet catch on) is a GCSW Student Assistant. He is a student at Greenfield High School. Alberto was also born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.  He is part of the drop-in and after school programs. At the shop, he helps kids build just about anything in their imagination.  At the schools, he helps facilitate the project of the week while integrating a science concept. It comes with no surprise that Alberto really enjoys fixing electronics and tinkering with cars and computers. He aspires to one day work for Google or Tesla as a computer science engineer.  Aside from all the tinkering, he enjoys hunting and relaxing.

Omar Jr. Perez is a GCSW Student Instructor. He recently graduated from Greenfield High School (go class 2019!) and is now continuing his education at Hartnell Community College. Omar is thinking of pursuing a career in mechanical engineering or carpentry. He is part of the Mobile Program team and can be found at the drop-in program from time to time. He enjoys his job because he gets to assist kids while learning new things himself.  You can always catch Omar at Greenfield’s Patriot Park, wearing an Adidas hoodie, playing soccer! (¡Arriba el Barςa!)

Sabrina Silva is a GCSW Student Instructor currently attending Hartnell College to pursue a career in nursing. You can find Sabrina working with the kids at the science workshop’s drop-in program or traveling with our Mobile Program to places like San Ardo and San Lucas. She is fascinated by fire whirls and her favorite science moment is the invention of electricity. She likes that there is a mutual interest in science between her and everyone who comes in to the Science Workshop. Sabrina enjoys a good horror novel, listening to BTS and speaks a little bit of Korean!

María Guadalupe Estrada Cruz is a GCSW Student Assistant. She is a current junior in high school who aspires to become the first engineer in her family. Maria works for the science workshop's after school program and gets the opportunity to interact with students from all of Greenfield's four elementary schools.  Maria believes the science workshop is an invaluable place for the community of Greenfield. She sees it as a place where children can expand their knowledge on various science topics. On her spare time, she enjoys the outdoors, drawing and spending time with friends.

Julián Rodriguez is a GCSW Student Assistant. He is a senior at Greenfield High School (Go Class of 2020!). Julian was born in Fullerton, California and has moved a lot during his life. At the workshop he is part of the drop-in program. At the drop-in program he helps kids bring their creative ideas to life.  He really enjoys working at the science workshop because it reminds him of his own childhood as he has been a participant of the workshop since the 5th grade. Julian is passionate about soccer, mechanics and enjoys washing dishes! 

Maymona Naji is a GCSW Student Assistant. She is currently a junior attending Greenfield High School. Maymona was born in Yemen, Aden, and speaks two languages. She is part of the After School Science, Engineering, and Technology program and helps the students be creative with their projects. She thinks working at the Science Workshop is a dream come true as it is fun having the opportunity to give kids the ability to make stuff for FREE. Her favorite thing about the GCSW is that kids are allowed to be creative and the amazing staff. When she is not at school or at work, Maymona likes to journal, make aesthetic pictures and videos and listen to BTS!