Business Opportunities

Welcome to our City. Unique opportunities are available for regional retail, commercial, travel and tourist destination development to be located in the largest and fastest growing City in South Monterey County. Opportunities include Yanks Air Museum at the northern entrance to Greenfield (tourism), the Walnut Avenue Regional Retail Center at the city's mid-point (regional retail), and Pinnacles Plaza at the southern entrance to Greenfield (traveler services).

Each development center will have its own unique focus and development orientation, all while serving regional needs, populations, tourists and travelers along the heavily traveled U.S. Highway 101. These centers, each at a major entrance to Greenfield, will be complementary, not competitive. Together, these centers provide economic and development opportunities you will find nowhere else along the Central Coast of California.
Five Greenfield city officials.
Whether your business focus is on tourism, retail, or traveler services, Greenfield can be your new home. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination. View photos and descriptions of opportunity sites and other features that make Greenfield a great place to start a business.


The City of Greenfield is located in the heart of California's Salinas Valley in southern Monterey County, nestled between the Gabilan mountain range to the east and the Santa Lucia range to the west. The mountains provide visual relief from spreading urban development and agricultural uses on the valley floor. Salinas, the county seat, is located 35 miles to the north. Soledad and Gonzales are located 8 and 17 miles north, respectively. King City is located 11 miles to the south. Greenfield has a current growing population of 17,300 residents, with an incorporated area of 1.7 square miles.


Greenfield is centered in one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world. Known as the "Salad Bowl of the World," 80% of the lettuce grown in the United States is from the Salinas Valley and over $2 billion worth of fruits and vegetables are shipped annually across the United States and abroad. The area around Greenfield is also the heart of Monterey County's premier wine grape growing region due to favorable soils and climate with over twenty vineyards and wineries within a thirty mile radius. Vineyards, wineries, and wine tasting rooms continue to expand throughout the region.

Opportunities in Greenfield: Travel, Shopping, Tourism

Greenfield presents a number of unparalleled attributes and retail, tourism, and traveler opportunities that are not available in any of the other South County communities. It is these attributes and opportunities that set Greenfield apart from the other communities.


Greenfield is the most populous city in the southern Salinas Valley, and prior to the 2008 recession was the fastest growing city in Monterey County and the fourth fastest growing city in California. Greenfield has small town charm and a sense of community, affordable prices for land and housing, a growing population of professional and skilled workers, and a variety of nearby outdoor recreational opportunities.

Pinnacles Plaza

The development of Pinnacles Plaza at the south entrance to Greenfield presents an opportunity that exists nowhere else in Monterey County - the combination of highway commercial and industrial uses that serve a diverse economic and traveling public sector. It will include a major travel and fueling center for thousands of daily travelers and truckers along U.S. Highway 101 and will include lodging, restaurants, and highway traveler retail facilities. This will be the premier, and only, comprehensive travel center along the Central Coast, from the San Francisco Bay area to southern California.

Walnut Avenue Regional Center

The South County region has a total population of more than 60,000 residents. The nearest regional shopping experiences are in Salinas - 38 miles to the north, Monterey - 52 miles to the northwest, and Paso Robles - 65 miles to the south. Greenfield is the mid-point between these regional shopping magnets.

Direct Freeway Visibility and Access

Each of the new retail, traveler, and tourist centers are immediately adjacent to U.S. Highway 101 with direct visibility and access for both north bound and south bound travelers. These are the only locations anywhere in the South County region where such direct and convenient access for the highway traveler is available.

South County Judicial Center

Greenfield was selected by the State court system to be the home of the new South County Regional Courthouse. Greenfield was selected as the most desirable location for this major court facility over Soledad, King City, and Gonzales based on its central location, easy access, public transit access and the aggressive nature of the city to attract and accommodate growth. This court facility will spur the development of associated professional offices and make Greenfield the centerpiece of county and state government services in the South County area.