Lance Walker Biography

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Phone: 831-674-5591



Lance was born in King City, California on August 25, 1968 and has lived in Greenfield his
entire life. He attended Greenfield Union School District schools and Graduated 8th grade in
1982. He then attended King City High School, graduating in 1986.


Lance began working at Green Valley Industrial Supply in 1987 and has remained with them
until the present day, employed as an outside salesman, covering territory from San Ardo to
Lance Walker
Lance coached Little League Baseball for 7 years, served as a volunteer for the Greenfield Fire District for 2 years and also served on the Harvest Festival Board for the first 3 years of the event.

Political Career

Lance had not thought about getting into local politics until certain issues sparked his attention. His father was a former Greenfield City Councilman in the late 1980s and his step-Grandfather also served as a Greenfield City Councilman/Mayor Pro-Tem in the 1970s. Running for the Greenfield City Council in 2012, campaigning on public safety, economic growth and bridging the divide within the community, was a success. He won a seat and was sworn in as a City Councilman in December of 2012. During this election, 5 people ran for 2 open seats.

From Lance's perspective, Greenfield was once a hidden jewel in South Monterey County and a town that once thrived. He feels the need to bring in new business, box stores and attract people to move to Greenfield. The current projects of Yanks Museum and potentially a South Monterey County Courthouse, are huge opportunities for Greenfield.

Putting personal feelings aside, Walker wants what is best for Greenfield and the people who voted him into office. Many challenging decisions lay ahead, but rest assured, Walker will do what is best for Greenfield. Walker is very approachable and will take the time to address any concerns or answer questions you may have. Let's move Greenfield forward together!