Greenfield Cemetery District


  • David Kong  -  Board President
  • Beatriz V. Diaz      
  • Raul Rodriquez
  • Clara Valdivia
  • Mariano Parra


3rd Monday of every month at 6:00 PM
La Plaza Bakery in Greenfield
A cemetery with crosses marking the graves.

About the District

The Greenfield Cemetery District is responsible for the operation of a public cemetery for the use of residents in and around the City of Greenfield, though plots are available to interested parties outside of the district. The main cemetery, Holy Trinity Cemetery, is located next to the Holy Trinity Church in downtown Greenfield and a second cemetery, Oak Cemetery, is east of the City and adjacent to Oak Park. Both cemeteries are non-denominational and available for residential and non-residential services.

The District received $128,515 in total revenues in 2013 with a total budget of $100,792. Total assets of the District in 2013, as reporte3d to the California State Controller Office, was $305,093. This District has established residential and non-residential fees for cremation, vaults, endowment, grave sites (adult and infants) and special services: