Community Police Academy

The Greenfield Community Police Academy (CPA) provides community members with an up close and personal look at police work and the Greenfield Police Department. The academy builds partnerships between police and community members by allowing Greenfield residents to participate in practical police training and education.
The logo for the Citizens Police Academy.
The CPA does not train participants to be future police officers; it is designed to inform citizens about police policies, procedures, laws, and resources, and to foster community support, safety, and awareness. Participants learn about topics such as police selection and training, internal investigations, criminal law, patrol operations, communications, crime prevention, firearms training, critical incidents, narcotics, gangs, crime scene investigation (CSI), code and traffic enforcement, and much more.


Registration is now open! Start your application now. Once started, the session runs once a week for 12 weeks. One day-time session is tentatively planned for a special topic.