Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of a Captain, 4 Sergeants, 17 Patrol Officers, 1 School Resource Officer and 4 Community Service Officers (CSO).  The CSOs respond to Code Enforcement and Animal Contril related issues and provide support to Patrol Division and the Investigations Unit. 

The Investigations Unit is comprised of 1 Detective Sergeant and 1 Detective. 

The City of Greenfield Police Department is a member of The South Monterey County Taskforce in partnership with Soledad Police Department and Federal Agencies. 

The Greenfield Police Department acquired state and federal resources and funding.


Some of the specific patrol duties and responsibilities include:
  • Address any other gang and narcotic issues at community meetings and at our local schools
  • Assist the fire department and EMS with medical emergency calls to neighboring jurisdictions and other outside agencies
  • Conduct enforcement/education of bicycle and helmet safety laws
  • Conduct foot patrol in the downtown area, shopping centers and local parks
  • Conduct traffic enforcement (Vehicle Code)
  • Enforce all local city ordinances, state and federal laws
  • Engaging members of the community by participating in police and community functions and meetings with a focus on deterring youth from gang involvement
  • Identifying active gang members and build investigative cases to dismantle gangs
  • Respond to animal calls for service
  • Responding to all emergency/non-emergency calls for service
  • Transport all adults who are arrested to the Monterey County Jail and all juvenile in custody to Juvenile Hall

School Resource Officers

The Patrol Division also employs school resource officers (SRO). School resource officers can play an important role in maintaining and increasing safety at schools and in neighboring communities. In order to effectively implement such programs, the Greenfield Police Department and the Greenfield Union School District and the South County Joint Union High School District have each signed a Memorandum of Understanding to document the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of Police SROs, school officials, law enforcement, education departments, students, and parents.

An important goal of the City's SRO program is to increase the ability of law enforcement agencies, schools, and community groups to work together in developing innovative, systemic, long-term approaches to reducing and preventing different kinds of crime in and around their schools, and preventing unnecessary law enforcement involvement in non-criminal student misbehavior-improving the quality of life for students, teachers, school personnel, and parents and promoting a safer environment that is conducive for learning by implementing strategies focused on targeted crimes.