Measure U

Public Notice

An all Mail Special Parcel Tax Measure Election for the Greenfield Fire Protection District was held on August 25, 2015. View the special mail ballot election in Spanish and English (PDF).

Citizens Voted on the Following Measure

"To fund emergency medical services for quicker responses to heart attacks, vehicle accidents, and other emergencies, recruit and retain qualified personnel to provide necessary responsiveness to protect our homes and businesses from fire and other disasters, and plan for the District's long term fiscal well-being, shall an annual special tax be authorized at a base rate of $73 per tax unit with a cost-of-living adjustment, and all revenue staying in our local community?"
The Greenfield Fire Protection District is a completely separate entity from the City of Greenfield. Unlike many cities where a local Fire Department is part of the City services, the Fire District is not controlled or supported by the City. Providing funding for the Fire District does not provide additional funding for the City.

The Fire District is committed to continue their emergency medical response time averaging 5 to 8 minutes to provide the high level of care that our community has come to expect. In order to do that, they need to maintain their staffing levels. If they are forced to reduce staff on nights and weekends, any volunteers that are available will have to wait until there are at least 2 firefighters to respond to a call!

The Fire District has the lowest per capita funding of the fire districts in Monterey County. New funding created locally would be controlled locally by our responsible and accessible Fire Board of Directors. In order to secure this funding, our fire fighters need 2/3 voter approval. For additional information regarding the financial needs of the District see the special report prepared by LAFCO (PDF).