Streetscape Design Guidelines

The Greenfield Downtown Streetscape Plan (PDF) is an integral component of the City's on-going revitalization efforts. While the Downtown Design Guidelines focus on private improvements, the Streetscape Plan recommends improvements to the public right-of-way: sidewalks, streets and medians. The 2 documents are intended to complement each other and reinforce the community vision for downtown. The Streetscape Plan provides an overall blueprint for downtown public improvements that can be phased based on funding availability. The plan can also be used to apply for grant funding.

The Streetscape design concept builds on the vision of downtown Greenfield as the commercial, social, civic and business center of the City. The concept incorporates aesthetic improvements to the sidewalks and medians, along with "traffic calming" devices in the street, to enhance the pedestrian experience, provide visual interest, and slow down automobile traffic.
A downtown street with cars parked in front of a business.