Pinnacles Plaza Development

The Pinnacles Plaza Development project site is comprised of 11 parcels under the ownership of three separate entities. The project site consists of approximately 267 acres of land south of the City of Greenfield incorporated limits. The application requests multiple entitlements pre-zoning of property, annexation, and a vesting tentative map. Specific development applications for specific uses and site planning on the east side of Highway 101 may require additional environmental review by the City of Greenfield.

If approved and implemented, highway commercial use would be developed along the east side of Highway 101 on approximately 87 acres. The highway commercial portion of the project would be developed on the western portion of the Franscioni, Scheid East and L.A. Hearne parcels. At this time the applicants are considering a range of uses, including travel center that would accommodate truck parking, restaurants and other visitor serving uses consistent with the City's Highway Commercial designation.

No specific development plans have been proposed, the location of specific uses are not known, and the 3 acre L.A. Hearne parcel will probably remain as an equipment storage facility in the near term. However, this Environmental Impact Review assumes build out of all parcels at maximum allowable site coverage in order to provide a through and conservative analysis. Site coverage for highway commercial uses is assumed at 25%.

Heavy Industrial Development

The heavy industrial uses would be developed on the eastern portion of the Scheid East and Franscioni parcels. Typical uses anticipated for development within the City's heavy industrial designation include processing of agricultural products, major wineries, agricultural support facilities, manufacturing, and similar uses. For analysis purposes, the EIR (and traffic study) assume site coverage of 30%.

Low Density Residential Development

Low Density Residential uses are proposed on the Scheid West parcel on the west side of Highway 101, along the southern boundary of Greenfield High School and Vista Verde School. This designation would allow single-family residential units at up to 7 units per acre. Assuming full build out of the 47-acre parcel at maximum density, the project could yield up to 329 dwelling units. A current vesting tentative map for 329 single-family homes is on file with the City of Greenfield.

Traffic and Circulation Improvements

Primary access to the project area would be from Highway 101. East of the highway access to the project site would be made available via Espinosa Road. The proposed circulation system for the project would include the extension of Third Street through the project area to Espinosa Road (consistent with the Circulation Element), and it is assumed that Espinosa Road would be improved along the southern boundary of the project area.

West of the highway access to the project site would be via El Camino Real/Patricia Lane. Intersection improvements at the south end of the City would also be required, and internal streets for all development areas would also be provided. Parking for employees and customers of the commercial and industrial facilities would be required onsite. All circulation plans for the proposed project would be defined as part of subsequent development proposals, and will be subject to review and approval by the City of Greenfield.

Gateway Overlay

Commercial and visitor serving areas that are located at the northern and southern entrances to the community serve as "gateways" to Greenfield. These areas should be aesthetically attractive since they provide an influential visual statement regarding the character of the community. Such areas should be designed to provide visual amenities that are not required for uses designed to serve more local needs. The purpose of the gateway overlay is to require the provision of attractive signage, additional landscaping and greater attention to building design. The gateway overlay is intended to accomplish these purposes.