Housing Rehabilitation Assistance

The City's Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program is designed to provide assistance to eligible homeowners for correction of health and safety items, as well as code violations, located within the City of Greenfield. The Program will provide this assistance in the form of deferred payment loans used to finance the cost of necessary repairs that will provide the homeowner with a healthy, safe, sanitary and code compliant home.

The City's Loan Committee must approve all loans and grants. The Loan Committee may approve assistance with financing exceeding 100% of after-rehabilitation value as needed in cases where no other financial resources are available to cover the cost of the improvements and where clear and convincing documentation exists, justifying why the exception is needed.
A partially contracted home.
In order to obtain financing, applicants will be required to meet all property and eligibility guidelines in effect at the time the application is considered. Homeowners will be provided written notification of approval or denial. Any reason for denial will be provided to the applicant in writing.

Income Limits

All homeowners will be required to certify that they meet the household income eligibility requirements for the applicable HCD program(s) and have their household income documented. The income limits in place at the time of loan approval will apply when determining applicant income eligibility. All applicants must have incomes at or below 80% of the County's area median income (AMI), adjusted for household size.

Owner Occupied Requirements

Owner-Occupant household income must be equal to or less than the applicable HCD income limits. Owner will be required to provide income documentation.

Income Qualification Criteria

Projected annual gross income of the applicant household will be used to determine whether they are above or below the published HCD income limits. Income will be verified by reviewing and documenting tax returns, copies of wage receipts, subsidy checks, bank statements and third-party verification of employment forms sent to employers.

Household income is the annual gross income of all adult household members that is projected to be received during the coming 12-month period, and will be used to determine program eligibility. There is no asset limitation for participation in the Program. Income from assets is, however, recognized as part of annual income.

Homeowner Eligibility & Residency Requirements

The City's Housing Rehabilitation Program allows for owner-occupied and owner investor/tenant occupied properties to participate in the Program. Owner-occupied units must be the owner's principal place of residence.


Continued residency is monitored annually for the term of the loan within 45 days of the anniversary date of the loan. Occupancy will be verified by the submission of the following:
  • Proof of occupancy in the form of a copy of a current utility bill
  • Statement of unit's continued use as primary residence of the owner
In the event that a homeowner sells, transfers title, or discontinues residence in the rehabilitated property for any reason, the loan becomes due and payable.

Maximum Amount of Program Assistance

An eligible homeowner may qualify for the full cost of rehabilitation/reconstruction work needed to comply with State and local codes and ordinances. Maximum assistance shall not exceed the City's County maximum HOME Subsidy Limit per bedroom.


Interested households can obtain an application for assistance (PDF), and the Housing Rehabilitation Specialist is available to assist all applicants in preparing the application and explaining the program. Every application will be reviewed for completeness and, if necessary, requests for additional information. Once the application is complete and the applicant is eligible to participate based on household income and property location the City will schedule a meeting with the applicant to discuss desired improvements, begin preparation of a preliminary work write-up outlining the necessary repairs and prepare estimates for the cost of the repairs.

All loans are subject to the City's Loan Committee regarding applicant's eligibility, financing recommendations, and contractor selection. For additional information about the program contact the City of Greenfield's Housing Rehabilitation Specialist.