Housing Programs

The Federal Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, and the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981 established the State Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program. For local communities, this program is administered by the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

About the Programs

In 2016 the City will be establishing 2 new housing programs. The Housing Rehabilitation program will be restricted to single family residential properties that are 1 to 4 units. Only low - or moderate-income persons will be eligible for housing rehabilitation assistance. The Home Ownership Assistance program will provide direct assistance to low - and moderate-income home buyers for the acquisition of an existing or new housing unit.

To assist in the administration of this CDBG award, the City selected Michael Baker International as its specialty administrative consultant. For the Housing Activities component of the CDBG award, Michael Baker International has developed program guidelines for the home buyer assistance and housing rehabilitation programs. These guidelines have been developed following HCD guidelines, policies, and protocols.

Housing Statistics

The City of Greenfield's total gross assessed values in fiscal year 2014 was $554,447.615. Net taxable value was $511,915,584. Gross assessed value increased by 8.1% in 2014 compared to fiscal year 2013. Assessed value for improvements (excluding land, personal property and other exemptions) in fiscal year 2014 was $368,081.675. In 2014, the average price of a single family residential full value sale was $149,400 compared to $334,803 in 2004. In 2014, there were 2,882 residential parcels in the City with a net taxable value of $429,728,197.

In 2014, Nielsen/Ribbon estimated that there were 4,000 total households in the City's market area, with a very high average household size of 4.69. The total number of households in the market area increased by 284 or about 71 per year on average from 2010 to 2014, compared to an annual growth of 70 annually, from 2000 to 2010.

Of the total 2014 households, 3,388 or 84.7% were non-senior, with the remaining 612 or 15.3% being senior (62+). According to Nielsen, while renter tenure for the market area in 2014 was 48.7%, renter tenure for non-seniors was 50.91%. In 2014, the median household income for the market area/Greenfield CCD was $51,524, an increase of $13,810 or 36.6% or 2.6% annually from the 2000 figure of $37,714.