Fees & Charges

Pursuant to Article XIIIB of the California Constitution, it is the intent of the City Council to require the ascertainment and recovery of costs reasonably borne from fees, charges and regulatory license fees levied therefor in providing the regulation, products or services to the community. The adoption of fees is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act (Public Resources Code Sections 2100 et seq.) because it approves and sets forth a procedure for determining fees for the purpose of meeting the operating expenses of City departments, as set forth in Public Resources Code Section 21080 (b)(8)(1). (Ord. 2007-90-17-10, 1990).

The City Manager, and each City department head, under the direction of the City Manager, shall review annually the fees and service charges and provide an adjusted fee or charge schedule to the City Council for its consideration so as to recover the listed percentage of costs reasonably determined necessary to provide the listed regulation, product, or service. This service is defined in the City's annual Cost Control System Report. (Amended Ordinance 96-24, July 9, 1996)

In adjusting fees and charges, the City Manager shall act in an administrative and ministerial capacity and shall consider only the standards and criteria established by City code, and the procedures set hereby and by applicable State law.

Fee Guidelines

All user fees shall be "costs reasonably borne" as required by City Code and shall include, but not limited to the following:
  • All Applicable direct costs including, but not limited to:
    • Contracted services
    • Employee fringe benefits
    • Maintenance and operation expenses
    • Overtime
    • Salaries
    • Services and supplies
    • Special supplies
    • Wages
  • All applicable indirect costs including, but not restricted to:
    • Building maintenance and operations
    • Communications expenses
    • Computer costs
    • Debt service
    • Equipment maintenance and operations
    • Insurance
    • Printing and reproduction
    • Vehicle expenses

Cost Control System Report

  • All fees and charges set pursuant to this Chapter and Section shall take effect 10 days after the City Manager signs an Executive Order stipulating that all provisions of this Chapter have been complied with, and no written appeal has been filed.
  • The schedule of frequency of rate adjustments may be varied by the City Manager to adjust revenues sufficient to meet debt service coverage requirements of any bond, certificate, or ordinance, resolution, indenture, contract, or action under which securities have been issued by the City which contain any coverage factor requirement.
  • The City Manager may vary the review schedule listed in this Section if, in the judgment of the City Manager and a directly affected and requesting department head, a gross inequity would be perpetrated by not revising the rate schedule. Any such rate revision which deviates from the review schedule as set herein shall be reported to the City Council at its next succeeding meeting. (Ordinance 90-17, July 10, 1990; Amended Ordinance 96-24, July 9, 1996).
Resolution number 2006-18 outlines all City fees. View the master fee schedule (PDF).