Office of the City Manager

The City of Greenfield has adopted the council-manager form of government which combines the strong political leadership of elected officials in the form of a City Council with the strong managerial experience of an appointed local government manager. The form establishes a representative system where all power is concentrated in the elected City Council and where the council hires a professionally trained manager to oversee the delivery of public services.

About the Current Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the City Council wholly on the basis of his or her administrative and executive ability and qualifications and holds office for and during the pleasure of the City Council. 

Powers & Responsibilities

By City ordinance, the City Manager has the power and responsibility to:
  • Attend all meetings of the City Council and keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the City
  • Control, order and give direction to all heads of departments and to subordinate officers and employees of the City under his or her jurisdiction through their department heads
  • Direct the investigations into the affairs of the City and any department or division thereof, and any contract or the proper performance of any obligations of the City
  • Ensure all franchises and permits granted by the City are faithfully performed and observed and to exercise general supervision of all City affairs
  • Ensure all laws and ordinances of the City are enforced and all franchises, contracts, permits and privileges granted by the City Council are faithfully observed
  • Investigate all complaints in relation to matters concerning the administration of the City Government and in regard to the service maintained by public utilities in the City
  • Prepare and submit the proposed annual budget to the City Council for its approval
  • Purchase all goods and services on behalf of departments or divisions of the City
  • Recommend to the City Council for adoption such measures and ordinances as he or she deems necessary or expedient
  • Recommend to the City Council such reorganization of offices, positions, departments that is in the interest of efficient, effective and economical conduct of the City's business
Paul Wood, CPA
City Manager