Greenfield Science Workshop

The Greenfield Community Science Workshop is a community based organization committed to enriching the educational experience of historically under served youth by providing them with a safe, fun, and stimulating environment where they can explore their world through science. The Science Workshop was founded by and is a member of the Community Science Workshop Network, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish, support, strengthen, and enhance collaboration between Community Science Workshops statewide. The Community Science Workshop Network supports 6 Community Science Workshops across the state of California.
The Greenfield Community Science Workshop has been able to grow and develop in large part thanks to its relationship with the Community Science Workshop Network. The Science Workshop provides Greenfield youth with a robust and vibrant hands-on science learning space through drop-in program, as well as day-to-day maintenance of the shop space.


Programs are offered to the community in collaborate with the Greenfield Union School District (GUSD) to provide after school hands-on science enrichment sessions with a focus on science, technology, and engineering. Drop-in programs take place at the heart of downtown in the City's former City Hall and offers a rich interactive space staffed by skilled and student-oriented educators with the ability to offer a range of genuine learning experiences to youth of all ages.

Through its partnership with the Greenfield Union School District (GUSD), the Community Sciences Workshop offer students enrolled in the GUSD's after school program access to hands-on science, engineering, and technology activities.

This program is aimed at promoting student understanding of the world around them (from their light switch at home to rockets and computers), raise awareness of the current technological demands of our modern economy, and above all, inspire students to develop a personal interest in science that will endure throughout their future schooling. The program was founded by a grant from The David and Lucile Packard Foundation, which fully funded the program for its first 2 years of operation.

About the Workshop

The science workshop space is a hybrid between a hands-on science museum, a fabrication shop, and a nature center. Exploratory type exhibits crowd furniture along the Shop's walls, kid-friendly power tools surround work benches, animals and starter plants inhabit one of the shop's corners and elsewhere along the shop's walls and next to their microscopes one finds shelves of specimens, rocks, and bones for kids to touch, put together and compare, and all throughout the space an eclectic explosion of recycled materials (from bikes, to electronics, to plastic strawberry boxes), craft supplies, and equipment for tinkering and making.